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Introducing Career Hangout

Pay it forward.

My friend Laurie Ruettimann and I got together a few months ago and talked about the state of the job market. Many people are struggling. Struggling to find jobs, to keep jobs, to find their way out from dead end jobs, and struggling on how to advance their careers in a climate where salaries are flat and opportunities are scarce. This discussion got us thinking about what we can we do to help.

We’ve both been in HR for our entire careers. We’ve been exposed to almost every HR scenario you can imagine: hiring, firing, promoting, training, developing – you name it. We both have a lot of smart friends in our industry with great expertise in job search and career development. We know recruiters at many top employers throughout the U.S. We have friends who are accomplished professionals in a variety of fields. We realized we could leverage those contacts, knowledge and expertise to to help people manage and develop their careers, and we could do it through Career Hangout (CHO).

What is Career Hangout?

Career Hangout is a weekly broadcast airing Tuesdays at 11am ET. It will be hosted on Google Hangouts On Air and broadcast live each week on (we’ll also record and archive each episode so they can be viewed at any time on the website.

Each week we’ll interview a broad range of career, recruiting, HR and other professionals to provide you with job search and career advice. We’ll maintain a calendar on the CHO site with guests and topics. The shows will fall under one of three categories:

  • Career and HR leaders sharing job search and career management advice
  • Corporate recruiters and HR professionals from various companies providing insights into their hiring process (interview process, how to catch the attention of recruiters, etc.)
  • Professionals from a variety of fields giving tips on how they have developed their careers in that industry (resume writing, interviewing, networking, what to expect, etc.)

The show will be interactive, so we’ll take questions for the guests or hosts during each broadcast through Twitter and the #cho hashtag. We will also solicit feedback and input on shows, topics, guests, and contributors on; so if you have some insights or suggestions you’d like to share let me or Laurie know.

We are looking forward to our inaugural Career Hangout broadcast next Tuesday! Please spread the word and promote our new project to your network. We appreciate it!

5 thoughts on “Introducing Career Hangout

  1. Smitty…one, congrats on giving your wife another reason to tell you “You’re spending too much time on work stuff”; two, despite what we spoke about yesterday – or rather me wondering if the paying-forward space is getting too crowded – upon reading this post I recognized that competition is a good thing…even in the helping-others area; and three, if you need a tell-it-like-it-is guest just ask….

    “We” need to continue to demystify a process that not only is inherently broken AND misunderstood but is in which *many* who are actually leading the function are really, really bad in spite of their self-professed excellence…

    Friday on #HFchat is going to be a hoot; might want to let Rooty know about it!

    • Steve, fortunately my wife is awesome so I don’t have that problem. The space may be a bit crowded but the effort is important, so the more resources job seekers have the better we can all help them. I know that’s an area you’re passionate about. I’m looking forward to #HFchat this Friday. It will be fun!

      • Eventually there will be so many areas that we’ll need a portal with appropriate smart software to help custom channel the “best” information to the job seeker.


    • Thanks for the support Susan! We considered a later time, but also thought it might be difficult in the late afternoon/early evening for people with family obligations or people on the West coast. We’ll record and archive all the shows so they can be viewed any time for people who can’t catch the live broadcasts.

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