This Is NPR Recruiting: An Employment Branding Case Study

Social Media has had a profound impact on the field of recruiting. Employment branding, talent attraction, and social sourcing have become key tools for talent leaders to deploy to help their organizations compete.

At NPR, we’ve put social media at the forefront of our talent strategy. The strategy has paid off. Here are some of the results:

The presentation below shares some of our approach – including strategy, channels, results, metrics, and some of the things we learned along the way. The goal is to show recruiting and talent leaders what they can accomplish through social media – even with limited budget and resources.

This presentation is not intended to be an exact play book to be replicated in any company. As a media organization, NPR has some unique advantages that this strategy was tailored around. The hope is that it can serve as inspiration you can take some ideas from and tailor them to your organization.

Employment branding doesn’t have to be built around a broad multi-channel social media approach. You can use tools you already have like job descriptions and your career site to get started. The key is building your approach in a way that is true to your organization, getting internal champions and organizational buy-in, and then starting small and scaling as you go. Good luck!

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