4 thoughts on “Lessons From The Trenches: Social Recruiting Strategies That Work [Presentation]

  1. Lars, yesterday I gave a presentation on the strategies and tactics of creative sourcing and recruiting to the staffing group of SHRM’s NYC HR chapter. Most of the folks I’ve known as colleagues for many years and they’ve heard me time and again “rant” on about how we in recruiting HAVE to do better to survive.

    I like instant gratification as much as the next person but for all the times we’ve talked about recruiting being a long journey and not a few simple baby steps, the “very next day” we’re back in our offices, exasperated that the hiring manager now wants to see someone who’s a 12 out of 10 and chagrined that the head of wants to know, “when will this Twitter thing being us employees?”

    Perhaps I’m just a masochist – I think all recruiters are to some degree – but I love this self-flagellation because I know that somewhere down the road that a leader will “get it.”

    • So true Steve. A lot of managers still don’t get it. Instant gratification on social, especially when first starting out, isn’t going to happen.

      The smart orgs who are sowing the seeds now will be seeing dividends, but it takes time and effort to build the level of engagement on social that drives those channels into your top sources of hires.

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