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Entrepreneur’s Toolbox: 40+ Tools To Get You Started

One of the keys to any successful entrepreneur is having the tools and resources that can simplify your day-to-day, and keep you focused on your client’s needs. I recently launched a company, and as a first-time entrepreneur was curious about what tools might help me as I work to build this new business.

I’m fortunate to have some friends who are also building business, so tapped their collective knowledge to build out the resource list below. I categorized each of them, and broke them down below with hyperlinks to share in case anyone else might find this helpful. It’s far from comprehensive, so if you have any go-to tools you use please share in the comments section.

Special thanks to all of those who contributed, including: Matt Charney, Susan LaMotte, Daniel Crosby, Kim Burgan, Peter Clayton, Victorio Milian, Tyler Gorman, Dwane Lay, Ron Thomas, Geoff Webb, Bo Wright, Sloane Scott, Miriam Salpeter, Jason Warner, Michael Heller, Carmen Hudson, Dave Martin, Kathleen Smith, Jason Seiden, Sharlyn Lauby, Dominique Rodgers, Steven Rothberg, Maren Hogan, Jonathan Brewer, Kim Bui, Sarah White, Jeremiah Scheible, Gerry Crispin, Mel Singleton, Susanna Speier, Derek Hoffman, Andy Headworth, and Rayanne Thorn.

CRM/Contact Management


Social Media









Thanks again to everyone who contributed to this post. Do you have any favorite tools you want to share? Leave a comment and share with other readers.

4 thoughts on “Entrepreneur’s Toolbox: 40+ Tools To Get You Started

  1. I highly recommend Expensify for expense tracking and reimbursement from your business entity (believe me, mileage and parking and misc things paid out of personal cash add up) and I consider Freshbooks a lifesaver for anyone that juggles multiple clients or any recurring invoices for services.

    Also, for anyone using the Google Drive app on their Android phone (I haven’t checked to see if the IOS version has this), they’ve added a very good scanning tool, which proves much for accurate for getting a digital copy of receipts or hard copy invoices than a simple camera shot. Use that to shoot your meal receipts for upload into Expensify or your expense-tracking tool of choice.

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