Living In The Cloud: Cool Tools To Help You Unplug

In our latest Cool Tools podcast Craig and I spoke with HireVue COO, Chip Luman, about ditching your laptop and working in the cloud. Chip is a frequent business traveler and has taken to using small devices on the road and keeping all his data stored in the cloud. This episode covers our top tips, apps, and strategies for being more lightweight in the air and on the ground.

Chip’s tips & tools:



iPhone, iPad, Zagg keyboard, Jambox, Bluetooth for the Jambox and Zagg

Cloud Apps

Various free cloud storage apps, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive to store my stuff, Evernote, Cloudmagic, LastPass, Haiku Deck, Presi and CloudOn to access and manage my stuff, Bloomfire, Salesforce for work specific stuff – of course Pages, Numbers & Keynote get used too


Capture – FilmicPro, Camera+, Instagram


TripIt, Delta


Hootsuite, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, kinda use Google+


* Refresh, Wunderlist (as a replacement to ZenDone that is not planning an iPad app) and Cloudbeats/TuneBox


iTunes, Shazam, Spotify, Soundcloud, Songkick, BandsInTown,, KRCL 90.9, NPR Music, Checking out – Cloudbeats/TuneBox

* I learned about Refresh on this Podcast. It’s amazing. If you work in any role where you often meet with new people you should download the iOS app immeadiately.

One thought on “Living In The Cloud: Cool Tools To Help You Unplug

  1. Given that most of what we currently do online is based on a cloud platform, I think that not many of us have the luxury of choosing whether they should ditch their laptops and embrace the SAAS. Many industries use it as they see fit, because it makes a whole lot of difference in the way we do our jobs. For example, recruiters have lots of benefits from this technology, given that you can create a portal to gather the job candidates into an easy-to-use database.

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