Case Study: Hootsuitehootsuite

Hootsuite was experiencing explosive growth over the past several years. Being a leader in the social HR space, Hootsuite had a strong desire to continue pushing the boundaries of Employer Branding, social recruiting, and working at the edges of modern recruiting.


Amplify Talent was engaged in a seven month contract to design, champion, and evangelize progressive recruiting and employer branding strategies to enhance Hootsuite’s recruiting capabilities and reach.


  • Employer Branding and Recruiting optimization efforts led to a 50% increase in global applications per job.
  • Developed programs that led to 43% of applicants stating their decision to apply was influenced by Hootsuite’s Social Recruiting presence.
  • Co-launched the Open Source HR initiative ( designed to accelerate learning and advancement in HR by sharing case studies and resources.
  • In partnership with VP of Talent and HR stakeholders, led the development of Hootsuite’s Employer Brand playbook, a comprehensive global resource to ensure all stakeholders were informed and aligned on how the drive Hootsuite’s Employer Brand efforts.
  • In collaboration with talent team, led the development of Hootsuite’s Employee Value Proposition.
  • Collaborated with Recruiting team to launch monthly recruiting twitter chat (#HootJobs) designed to give prospects and applicants a window into Hootsuite hiring, and access to Recruiters and Hiring Managers.
  • Developed Employer Brand Asset Library, including tailored assets to allow recruiters to more efficiently and effectively share targeted content with recruits and prospects.
  • Enhanced and reviewed Candidate Experience (CX) efforts, including redesigned job description templates and candidate communication templates.
  • Designed and executed the first global Employer Brand campaign on Periscope: Operation #FollowTheSun.
  • Developed visual branded assets to be used with social media shares to drive engagement to #HootsuiteLife and career site.
  • Launched #HootsuiteLife Storytelling Lab on SoundCloud.
  • Trained recruiting team on social recruiting, employer branding, and recruiting best practices.

Case Study: SpaceX


SpaceX was going through a rebuild of their HR organization, and wanted to implement best talent practices to ensure they were able to build and maintain an exceptional recruiting pipeline that scaled.


Amplify Talent was engaged on a six month project to design, build and champion the SpaceX social recruiting and branding strategy.


  • Launched and grew SpaceX social recruiting channels, including @SpaceXJobs, Facebook, LinkedInSoundCloud, Tumblr, and redesigned GlassDoor
  • Built @SpaceXJobs into the #1 social recruiting platform on Twitter
  • Partnered with Marketing to develop multi-channel collaborative launch promotion to amplify their efforts
  • Developed SpaceX’s employer brand slogan, “Engineer The Future”
  • Training recruiting team on social recruiting, candidate experience, sourcing, and digital engagement
  • Developed progressive recruiting communication templates, with hyperlinks and embedded media
  • Partnered with Engineering team to develop branding campaigns on Quora and Slideshare
  • With restricted ITAR regulations, found ways to convey excitement of SpaceX mission, including rocket launches

Case Study: NPR


NPR had a traditional transactional recruiting model, focused primarily on job boards and career fairs. Their hiring challenges were stiff, as the non-profit organization was competing for talent against for-profit competitors on two fronts: media and technology. As a non-profit, the recruiting resources and budget were also very limited.


Shifting the recruiting focus from a reactive transactional model to a proactive model driven by talent branding, social media and digital engagement, and internal and external brand advocacy.


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