Recruiting has gone through seismic shifts over the past several years. Effective employer branding strategies allow organizations to save costs, drive candidate and employee engagement, and proactively reach passive candidates.

The core of effective employer branding is story telling. We work with clients to help them identify, articulate, and communicate a compelling employer brand narrative that augments their traditional recruiting activities. These efforts include can include social media, digital recruiting campaigns, recruitment marketing, targeted outreach, events, and more.


Amplify Talent Recruiting Audit: The Amplify Talent Recruiting Audit involves reviewing your organization’s current recruiting operations, technology, and employer brand. Following the audit, Amplify Talent will present a detailed report with an assessment of your current recruiting processes and recommendations on areas of improvement to level up and optimize your recruiting and branding efforts.

Case Study: NPR


NPR had a traditional transactional recruiting model, focused primarily on job boards and career fairs. Their hiring challenges were stiff, as the non-profit organization was competing for talent against for-profit competitors on two fronts: media and technology. As a non-profit, the recruiting resources and budget were also very limited.


Shifting the recruiting focus from a reactive transactional model to a proactive model driven by talent branding, social media and digital engagement, and internal and external brand advocacy.