Developing a strong Employer Brand is no longer a luxury but an imperative.

The way top talent finds employers – and employers find top talent – has fundamentally changed. That means talent acquisition success increasingly relies on developing a compelling, cohesive and comprehensive employer brand.

By building a brand that effectively shows what it’s really like to work at your company while highlighting your unique employee experience and corporate culture, you’ll attract both active and passive job seekers and position your company as an employer of choice and compelling career destination for top talent.

We believe that an effective employer brand is more than just a Facebook page or a career-focused Twitter account. Developing a compelling employer brand means executing and engaging across channels and campaigns; developing and deploying brand ambassadors; creating social sourcing strategies; cultivating and nurturing talent networks; creating content that’s sticky and shareable; targeting and refining your messaging and more.

What’s in it for you? Studies have continually shown that organizations with effective employer brands can significantly cut down on cost-per-fill and time per hire while improving critical metrics like employee retention and quality-of-hire.

We work with clients to identify, articulate and communicate their employer brand narrative, designed to underscore and augment, rather than replace, traditional recruiting activities. We partner with you on initiatives such as social media, digital career-focused campaigns, recruitment marketing, targeted outreach and events designed to build the brand you need to attract the talent you want.

How Can We Amplify Your Employer Brand?

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