Hiring is easy. Hiring the right people, transformative talent that truly impacts your organization, is not.

Finding the talent your organization needs isn’t easy – and without the right capabilities, just in time recruiting never happens quickly enough. That’s why Amplify Talent can help you hire the right people at the right time, all the time, with our full range of custom search services.

From executive search to contingent staffing to retained recruiting services, we offer a variety of different search models designed to best identify and secure the right hires at the right price.

We have experience across markets, functions, verticals and levels, from high volume to highly targeted, ensuring we’re able to leverage our expertise in industries as diverse as Entertainment, Technology, startups, Non-Profits, e-Commerce and more to find not just the right skills, but the right fit for your industry – no matter what industry you’re recruiting for.

Sample searches include:

  • Executive Editor, News – NPR
  • Executive Producer, Morning Edition – NPR
  • Director, Branded Events – NPR
  • Streaming Media Manager – NPR
  • Vice President, Sales – Magento
  • VP, Creative – Magento
  • Managing Director – Ticketmaster Finland
  • Finance Director – Ticketmaster China
  • Chief Financial Officer – Ticketmaster

That’s just a small sampling of the hundreds of requisitions we’ve successfully filled in over fifteen years of search. Because in recruiting, experience is everything.

How Can We Amplify Your Organization’s Talent?

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