“Lars is one of the most talented recruiting professionals I have ever worked with. A great ambassador for the organization, Lars attracted and hired exceptional people to Ticketmaster, often competing with other leading organizations for talent. But Lars is much more than a great recruiter. He is a great leader, mentor, and motivator. His passion and energy are absolutely infectious. I often noted that everything and everyone just seem to be better when Lars is around! I realized early on that Lars had boundless potential to grow and develop as a leader and as an HR professional, so I regularly gave him special projects and stretch assignments. Many times they were well outside his usual domain (some were global in nature), but Lars was never daunted. In every instance, he met or exceeded my already high expectations. He quickly learned new things, effectively utilized his resources (which were often limited), expertly managed resistance and controversy — and just plain worked hard. Lars is now an exceptional HR leader with deep and wide experience and is capable of doing many things and doing them well. He is indeed a star, and I am confident he will continue to shine.”

Beverly Carmichael: Chief People Officer, Cracker Barrel (former CPO Ticketmaster + SouthWest Airlines)